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Let's Change Your Life


Find out where you are and start a plan for immediate change.



We are a group of entrepreneurs from every walk of life,  Global Digital Nomads seeking the best life possible. We work from the beaches, mountains, cities and resorts around the world. One Mastermind Zoom call can give you enough information to launch a business; can you imagine 52? You can start an empire!

The conversations, techniques and strategies shared in this group should easily fetch tens of thousands. That said, learn from real mentors with experience and knowledge who love to pass down wisdom and stories about their Entrepreneurial Game. There will be some mind-blowing opportunities.



Work with Craig for eight one-hour strategy sessions. Then you will be ready to take on everything you have always wanted. These sessions are intense as Craig has you deep-dive into the disempowering beliefs that have held you back. Craig is an intense, empathetic soul who will help you see that you are enough.

We all have a story that holds us back. It doesn’t have to; how you react or respond to what life throws at you is what matters. Stop living in the past and live now. It’s called the present:  it’s a gift very few open. After all, we stress about the future and it’s really just a theory.


Anything you are looking to do, you need to become that person, now.

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